DemoSCOPE traffic survey “Transalpine and cross-border passenger transport 2015”

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The Swiss market research institute, DemoSCOPE, on behalf of the Federal Statistical Office, will be conducting the survey "Transalpine and cross-border passenger transport". For the purposes of this project, in the year 2015, surveys will be carried out on road and rail traffic at the Alpine and border crossing.

What is the purpose of this traffic survey?

The survey "Transalpine and cross-border passenger transport" is an important data source for transportation statistics. It provides essential information about transport services from residents abroad on Swiss territory and makes information about the source-target relationships in international traffic available. These are necessary for both the national intermodal real-time information traffic planning as well as the fulfillment of the statistical agreement with the EU in the railway sector. The previous surveys on alpine and border crossing passenger traffic took place in the years 1996, 2001 and 2007.

Who is being surveyed?

The survey will take place at the Alpine crossings and border crossings. Here, vehicles are stopped and the vehicle operator is questioned. For rail traffic, the surveys in the alpine and border crossing rail connections are carried out and passengers on these routes are interviewed.

Where and when will you be surveyed?

The survey will be carried out on particular days throughout the year. These are spread out, so that the results of the survey can map the traffic and travel volume during a whole year and the total traffic volume can be calculated, based on this. The number of days is dependent on the traffic and the number of passengers.

Who will be surveying you?

The 2015 study will be conducted by DemoSCOPE. For more information about DemoSCOPE, go to . The survey is conducted by employees from the company DemoSCOPE, who have been specially trained for this type of survey. They are clearly identifiable and carry an interviewer ID card with them.

What is the content of the survey?

It covers the place of residence of travelers, the start and stopping point of the trip, and the purpose of travel. Additionally, for the survey on the street, the vehicle types and fuel types are recorded. The survey lasts 1 to 2 minutes.

Information about the study from the Federal Statistical Office

More information on the survey "Transalpine and cross-border passenger transport 2015" can be found on the Federal Statistical Office website.

FSO's information about the study

FSO's study results


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