Employer DemoSCOPE

DemoSCOPE is a respected employer thanks to its curiosity, innovative strength and reliability. The owner-managed social and market research company, which has been operating since 1961, has its headquarters just outside Lucerne in Adligenswil. French-speaking Switzerland is served by our location in Fribourg. DemoSCOPE has a total of almost 60 permanent employees and several hundred freelancers working as interviewers.

In 2011, DemoSCOPE became the first Swiss market research company to introduce a software platform that combines common survey methods. These mixed-mode survey methods cover everything from conception to interviewing and evaluation. This unique innovation benefits our clients, surveyors and permanent DemoSCOPE employees alike. The seamless integration increases the quality of studies sustainably and facilitates the cooperation of all parties involved.

Our daily work and research is at the cutting edge, helping our clients to better understand markets, consumers and social phenomena. Our cross-sector methodological expertise provides a sound basis for a wide range of decisions in the public and scientific sectors as well as in marketing and sales.