Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Why am I being asked to fill in this survey?

Time and cost constraints mean that the entire population is never surveyed in a poll. Contact is made according to a scientifically randomised procedure. Random selection is important for the validity of a survey. In principle, any person can be selected. Participation in a survey is – with the exception of very few surveys commissioned by the federal government – always voluntary. Nevertheless, if you are invited to participate in a survey, your participation is very important for the quality of the survey. Your participation is therefore greatly appreciated.

How can I tell if a survey is serious?

As a member of Swiss Insights, the Association of Swiss Market and Social Researchers, DemoSCOPE guarantees that no overt or covert advertising, sales or ordering intentions are involved in any interviews. Surveys conducted by DemoSCOPE are thus neither sales activities nor (telephone) marketing. Ensuring the highest level of integrity as well as maintaining and promoting scientific rigour and credibility are relevant tasks within the framework of our surveys and are performed at all levels. DemoSCOPE thus guarantees full data protection and confidentiality for all data processed in the course of surveys. DemoSCOPE accepts and complies with the professional confidentiality obligation and data protection requirements set out in the Federal Data Protection Act and the corresponding ordinances (SR 235.1 and SR 235.11).

Further information on data protection and quality assurance can be found finden Sie here.

Why am I being called despite having a star entry in the telephone directory?

DemoSCOPE has been a recognised social and market research company for over 60 years. The contact we make for social and market research purposes is not considered commercial communication and therefore does not constitute a disregard for the star entry in the telephone directory.

Where did DemoSCOPE get my phone number?

In our telephone surveys, the numbers either come from publicly accessible directories, an address distributor, the customer base of a client or they are generated by a computer according to a random mathematical procedure.

I was contacted by you and then I was not allowed to take part in the survey after all.

The question of whether a person contacted is actually suitable for the sample is usually determined right at the beginning of the interview. It can therefore happen that you are contacted by us for a social or market research survey, but the actual interview does not take place because you do not belong to the target group or enough interviews have already been conducted by the target group in question.

What is the purpose of market and social research?

Scientific surveys are used to obtain well-founded insights into various topics from society, politics and the economy. Social coexistence in Switzerland is better understood thanks to such information. Businesses use market and social research to identify consumer and purchasing behaviour as well as other forms of social action and behaviour. This allows consumer-specific needs as well as broader societal needs, among other things, to be identified. Companies, organisations and associations, as well as political parties, make far-reaching decisions for the future based on data that can only be obtained with the help of market and social research.

What about anonymity and data protection?

Market and social research is interested in opinions as well as patterns of action and behaviour, but not in being able to attribute these to individual persons. That is why your answers will be evaluated without your name, address or telephone number. As a member of Swiss Insights, the association of Swiss market and social researchers, DemoSCOPE is committed to maintaining the anonymity of respondents and guarantees that

  • research results do not allow any conclusions to be drawn about the persons interviewed,
  • only non-personal data is disclosed, and
  • survey results are only ever used for the purpose for which they were collected.

Further information on data protection and quality assurance can be found here.

How can I participate in online and/or telephone surveys from DemoSCOPE on a regular basis?

Do you enjoy sharing your opinion and taking part in interesting online surveys? Then you are in the right place in our DemoSCOPE Community!

By participating in just one of our surveys each month, you have the chance to win one of four cash prizes worth a total of 2,000 Swiss francs.

However, the monthly prize draws are not the only way we thank you for your contribution. You can choose who you would like us to make a donation to for your participation. In addition, once a quarter you will receive personal feedback with the most interesting results of the latest surveys.

More information about the DemoSCOPE Community can be found here.