Our partners


«Performance, flexibility and ease of use»

DemoSCOPE's Askia is a solid, powerful market research software that covers all of our clients' survey needs. The constantly evolving software enables us to meet our customers' individual requirements. Whether web, mobile, telephone or face-to-face interviews, with Askia – a platform for data collection and analysis in one – we can safely implement projects of any complexity.

«DemoSCOPE (also) relies on artificial intelligence with Caplena»

Caplena is a tech startup founded in 2017 by two graduates of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), which specialises in the analysis of unstructured text data. Its AI tool supports DemoSCOPE in the analysis of open responses. Caplena's computing power enables the efficient and valid analysis of even large amounts of data in a short time.


«CKW always finds a safe solution»

CKW offers us a secure solution that perfectly suits us and our needs.  As a social and market research company, DemoSCOPE relies on the secure storage of sensitive, personal data. In CKW, DemoSCOPE has found a reliable partner with a highly secure DataCenter.

«Complete solution for the inclusion of stakeholders»

Konova AG offers an efficient and effective digital solution for the involvement of stakeholders in projects with e-communication. Public and private organisations thus benefit from increased planning security, acceptance and better solutions. Thanks to the partnership with DemoSCOPE, integrated pre- and/or post-evaluations and the implementation of population surveys can be achieved. Customers benefit from shared solution expertise in representative surveys as well as in participation and consultation procedures.

«Our partner for advertising effectiveness research»

MediaAnalyzer is a market research institute based in Hamburg.Specialised in analyses on the topic of advertising impact, MediaAnalyzer supports its clients in optimising campaign creations.Detailed analyses of the target group are used to create impact profiles for commercials, advertisements, posters, banners and other advertising media, thus providing information on how to increase the impact of the creations. MediaAnalyzer combines online surveys with specially developed non-verbal tools to generate even more reliable insights. Customers receive comprehensive results, including optimisation proposals, just a few days after the project start. MediaAnalyzer provides detailed advice on the practical implementation of the results.

«Partner with 25 years of experience and know-how the successful exchange of information»

What a cloud service offers today, Retarus has been providing for companies in principle since 1992: the successful exchange of information. DemoSCOPE sends large volumes of automated e-mails CSA-certified via the Retarus Enterprise Cloud. This means that our e-mails comply with local data protection regulations, including DSGVO/GDPR and international compliance requirements. Retarus' data center is contractually located in Switzerland.


«DemoSCOPE trusts Sunrise»

Sunrise is the largest non-state-controlled telecommunications company in Switzerland and offers its mobile, internet, TV and landline services to private and business customers. We trust Sunrise because we have an equal partnership and we find that they think collaboratively. Sunrise won us over with its services and is an ideal partner for DemoSCOPE.


«DemoSCOPE has an innovative scientific partner in the Institute for Marketing Management»

In some projects it's useful to use a scientific perspective on consumer behaviour or scientifically based methods such as conjoint measurement or experiments. The Institute for Marketing Management at the ZHAW School of Management and Law is a partner of DemoSCOPE in this area. Dr Steffen Müller, Head of the Behavioural Marketing Unit, has also been an academic advisor to DemoSCOPE for several years, and DemoSCOPE staff regularly lecture at the ZHAW School of Management an