Quality assurance and quality improvement

Quality assurance and quality improvement are of great importance to DemoSCOPE. They are deliberately seen as leadership tasks of the company management and have top priority. The management has overall responsibility and systematically reviews all activities and sub-steps of data collection. Every productive project assignment is preceded by a topic- and subject-related instruction or training.


Data Protection

DemoSCOPE guarantees full data protection and confidentiality for all data processed in the course of surveys. The collected data are stored in an ISO certified, Tier Level 4 data centre in Switzerland on DemoSCOPE's own infrastructure. The DemoSCOPE server rooms are therefore legally subject to the Federal Data Protection Act.

The key characteristics of data protection-compliant data storage are:

  • Physical data protection / access control
  • Electronic data protection, access rights, password policies
  • Security copies (backups) and secure access to the backup
  • Data retention period and data deletion
  • Regularity of controls

DemoSCOPE accepts and complies with the professional confidentiality obligation and data protection requirements set out in the Federal Data Protection Act and the corresponding ordinances (SR 235.1 and SR 235.11). It provides all the security measures required at the organisational, technical, personnel and IT levels.

As a member of Swiss Insights, the Association of Swiss Market and Social Researchers, DemoSCOPE guarantees that no overt or covert advertising, sales or ordering intentions are involved in any interviews. Member institutes of the Swiss Insights collective trademark, which is registered in the trademark register, limit themselves to carrying out research tasks and do not engage in any activities unrelated to research, in particular no telemarketing.

Maintaining and promoting scientific rigour and credibility in market, opinion and social research are the main tasks of Swiss Insights. As market and social researchers, all members of the association are aware that they have a strong influence on the shaping and development of fundamental social structures and processes through their professional activities. We therefore also adhere to professional ethical standards that are based on socially accepted ethical and moral values when carrying out our work.

Strict compliance with Swiss and international quality standards and professional ethics (Swiss Insights, ESOMAR, IHK) must be ensured, as must any sanctions for behaviour by institutes and clients that is detrimental to the sector. Achieving effective data protection is best ensured through a requirement for absolute anonymisation.

As a member institute of the collective brand, DemoSCOPE is subject to strict regulations and undertakes to comply with the guidelines and standards of Swiss Insights and ESOMAR

Swiss Insights guarantees:

  • high levels of quality and safety
  • specialist expertise
  • scientifically sound methods
  • Credibility and reliability

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