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Measuring the advertising impact of emotions – a combination of classic surveys and emotion tracking

The Spot.Analyzer makes it possible to survey the emotionality of advertising media by means of emotion tracking in addition to the classic impact survey.

Emotion is increasingly being used to communicate efficiently and effectively in today's market. Positioning purely on the basis of product benefits is no longer perceived as relevant enough by consumers.

In order to also integrate this dimension when measuring the effectiveness of advertising, DemoSCOPE, in cooperation with MediaAnalyzer from Hamburg, relies on the tried and tested EmotionTracking tool. The procedure can be used to accurately measure positive and negative emotions down to the second and assign them to the various scenes. This way, the advertisement can be tested for its emotional impact. Positive and negative scenes can also be identified.

By measuring during the advertising session and collecting the recall values, the activation potential of the medium is recorded in addition to the valence. The two elementary dimensions of the emergence of emotions are thus ascertained.



Measuring short-term attention – combination of classic survey and attention tracking

In addition to classic surveys, the Print.Analyzer offers the possibility of recording the attention paid to a medium by means of AttentionTracking.

Be it an advertisement or a poster, short-term attention to the various types of content, such as key visuals and brand, is crucial for the advertising impact of still media. Even the best subject can only contribute to the brand account if the corresponding symbol is also noticed. This is especially decisive if an advertisement is only skimmed through when browsing or a poster is only given a brief moment’s notice when passing by.

DemoSCOPE offers the unique AttentionTracking method in cooperation with MediaAnalyzer from Hamburg. This makes it possible to measure short-term gaze patterns in a valid and cost-effective way.

By measuring during the advertising session and collecting the recall values, it is also possible to reliably determine the activation potential of the medium.


A variety of benchmark data allows the standardised items and recall values to be compared with existing measurements.