Data analysis & insights

The data collected enables a wide range of evaluation and analysis options for generating in-depth findings. In addition to standardised evaluation procedures, DemoSCOPE also offers various analysis procedures that provide a "look behind the scenes".

DemoSCOPE data analysts support your project from the very beginning. Different methods of analysis are available depending on the research interest at hand and the data structure. That includes:

  • Data exploration: A variety of explorative methods (cluster analysis, latent class analysis, etc.) facilitate the identification of correlations in the collected data and the identification of new, connectable information.
  • Data visualisations: Presentation of abstract data and correlations in a visually comprehensible form (graphics, dashboards, etc.) serve to simplify and reduce the complexity of data preparation.
  • Descriptive statistics methods: Descriptive statistics give you an overview of the data collected and allow you to identify key trends and distributions within it.
  • Inference statistics: Inferential statistics methods are used to test sample-based probability statements and their validity for entire populations.

The various analytical procedures serve as the basis for a variety of further insights, such as the identification of segment groupings or homogeneous groups with typical constellations of characteristics, as well as the verification of the significance of the data collected. The insights gained from this provide you with new and useful options for addressing your questions in order to make promising decisions. Different analytical methods can be combined depending on the questions and the research interest.

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