Mixed-mode surveys

Mixed-mode surveys combine different survey methods and allow respondents to decide for themselves when and how to take part in the survey.

Seamlessly integrating different survey methods within one platform, our state-of-the-art survey software allows for a flexible mix of methods. This allows respondents to participate in the survey in accordance with their personal needs. The software centrally manages the various methods, thereby guaranteeing complex address and data management in real time.

The single-source solution offers the necessary prerequisites for very high address utilisation, targeted addressing (invitations, reminders) of specific sub-target groups and central data evaluation and processing for all survey methods used.

DemoSCOPE carries out annual mixed-mode surveys on behalf of federal offices, universities and colleges, other non-profit actors and private-sector companies. Combined online and telephone surveys are the core of mixed-mode surveys. In general, DemoSCOPE offers versatile mixed-mode designs for simultaneous or sequential studies and surveys.

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