Online surveys

The method of choice when short or more complex questions need to be answered in a manner specific to the target group at an attractive cost.

Online surveys offer you very versatile possibilities for obtaining answers to your questions. Alongside short surveys based on standardised questionnaires, the method is suitable for carrying out population-representative studies, for pre- or post-testing of campaign visuals and the resulting identification of preferences, for conducting usability and cognitive tests or experimental study settings by integrating audio-visual elements and demonstration material.

With the DemoSCOPE community, online surveys can generate valuable insights very quickly based on your target group-specific addresses or in the form of an open link. The programming, which is optimised for multiple browsers and devices, makes it possible to answer the online questionnaire on all end devices. The respondents themselves decide when and on which device they would like to answer the survey.

DemoSCOPE offers versatile solutions to cover all customer-specific requirements. The intuitive questionnaire design makes participating in the interview pleasant, even in client-specific designs. Hosting in Switzerland, a wide range of API interfaces, the option to incorporate external offers via re-direct links and various tracking functions enable online surveys from DemoSCOPE to meet all customer-specific needs.

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