Face-to-face interviews

For certain questions and target groups, face-to-face interviews are unavoidable. DemoSCOPE has a large face-to-face field department with interviewers in all language regions.

On-site surveys at the point of sale, product tests or target group-specific surveys. DemoSCOPE is continuously carrying out face-to-face surveys on behalf of well-known retailers, product developers, event organisers and tobacco companies, among others.

Our experienced and highly trained interviewers can be deployed flexibly. Surveys are usually conducted using survey tablets or smartphones, which allows for rapid data processing and field checks. Professional field supervision and regular supervision assignments support the interviewers and guarantee the highest data quality.

Be it in city centres, at music festivals, on Alpine passes or on public transport. DemoSCOPE offers a wide spectrum of face-to-face surveys and provides specific data collection at the client's request.

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