Qualitative methods

Past experience has shown that a combination of quantitative and qualitative research methods has the greatest added value for knowledge generation and understanding of the target groups. In this way, we provide an efficient integration and combination of qualitative and quantitative approaches from a single source.

Qualitative methods, used prior to quantitative surveys, allow for a precise understanding of the target groups to be researched, an exploration of problem areas, the development of a tailor-made questionnaire, as well as the generation of mostly unforeseen and surprising additional findings.

When used as a follow-up, qualitative methods deepen the quantitative findings and produce a comprehensive basis for decision-making by broadening the horizon of knowledge. The consistently positive feedback from our clients as well as our professional competences in this research area have motivated us to systematically pursue integrative research designs.

We bring our expertise to the table in individual explorations, focus groups/group discussions, cognitive and usability tests, psychological testing procedures as well as in the context of individual workshops. We are also happy to use integrative and/or pure qualitative research designs for your benefit.

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