Telephone surveys

DemoSCOPE carries out more than 200,000 interviews a year from its own telephone laboratories in all national languages with an experienced pool of interviewers. They form the basis for representative surveys or specific target group surveys with the highest standards.

Extensive and complex multi-year surveys commissioned by the Federal Statistical Office (BFS), topic-specific ad hoc studies with surveys of very different target groups, and hotline services. The integral telephony software enables a very wide range of telephony offerings such as outbound and inbound telephony, direct interviews for incoming calls or prioritisation of specific sub-target groups. Furthermore, telephone interviews can easily be combined with other survey methods. A variety of interfaces enable a wide range of hotline and feedback channels, which respondents can use for communicating their appointment requests and availability for telephone interviews according to their own needs.

DemoSCOPE has a large pool of experienced and multilingual telephone interviewers at its two locations in Adligenswil and Fribourg. Study-specific training, professional and ongoing supervision and detailed monitoring ensure the highest quality of survey work.

By appropriately selecting addresses and telephone numbers from sample registers or from professional address brokers, it is possible to survey very specific target groups by telephone. By combining registered landline numbers and randomly generated mobile phone numbers – known as the dual-frame approach – qualitatively robust samples can also be obtained by means of cold recruitment, enabling representative surveys with the highest standards.

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