Brand insights

Measuring brand performance systematically – managing the brand effectively

All aspects that are important for brand management are taken into account and the position of a brand in the market is examined by means of a survey.

Brand strength is made up of the dimensions of brand knowledge and brand appreciation.

Brand knowledge is the reason for the different reactions of a consumers to the perception of the brand compared to a "no-name" product. It can be described in terms of two dimensions – brand awareness and brand identity. Brand awareness includes, for example, unaided and aided recall. Brand identity focuses on the image and the brand design. Brand appreciation refers to a group of measures that could be described as brand recognition or brand preference. These include quality, loyalty and trust.

The detailed analyses of the research report provide information about the strengths and weaknesses of a brand. Brand insights can be used to derive actionable insights for communication and marketing-specific measures. Brand insights assist in assessing brands holistically and in all their important dimensions, in identifying opportunities for differentiation in the direct competitive environment, in determining the opportunities and risks of the current positioning for a possible repositioning and in examining measures in the communicative area with regard to the effect of the brand on the relevant target group.