Customer Feedback

Measuring the emotional connection of customers – increasing loyalty in the long term!

Customer feedback is essential for every company. Measuring customer satisfaction, for example, plays an important role within quality management systems for obtaining and maintaining certification. The benefits of a systematically collected customer feedback are often underestimated or not measured because it is difficult and time-consuming. But with the right instrument, everything is quite simple. The basic requirement for obtaining valuable feedback is to focus the approach on all crucial dimensions and to adapt it to the respective situation.

In classic customer satisfaction surveys, the focus is on topics related to the customer journey. The purpose of the survey is often to identify strengths and weaknesses and to measure the influencing factors different items have on satisfaction. The needs and results can be segmented and analysed by individual target groups. The results can be used to derive concrete recommendations for action, and also serve as a basis for further statistical models, such as driver analyses.

Transactional measurement looks directly at the event – or the campaign. The survey is automated, focused and conducted on all channels relevant to your business. The key to success is making participation reasonable for the customer at the time and making it easy and attractive for them.

Thanks to the professional design of the entire system, the expert question content and evaluation, results can be called up in real time in the online dashboard.

The targeted feedback system takes the customer seriously in his or her very own situation and creates a good relationship and loyalty through precisely this.

"Anyone pursuing customer orientation with the goal of customer satisfaction should also ask their customers whether they have achieved this goal."