Employee Satisfaction

Measure employee satisfaction – sustainably increase motivation!

Satisfaction alone is not enough to make employees more productive. Employee satisfaction has a significant positive impact on business results and employee productivity. The central element here is not only satisfaction, but also «emotional attachment», or commitment.

With our «Employee Satisfaction» product, we measure employee satisfaction and their emotional attachment to their employer with a classic, comprehensive employee survey. The questionnaire takes into account the most important pillars for the emotional attachment of employees to the company.

The quick feedback provided to the management and all employees has a significant influence on the successful increase of employee motivation. The accompanying measures regarding internal information and communication in an employee survey are very important.

This is why our Employee Satisfaction product is so successful:

  • it can measure the decisive factors influencing employee motivation
  • Strengths and weaknesses within the company and different organisational units can be measured
  • The results are organised according to level
  • The visualisation of the results is intuitive and clear
  • The involvement of our institute guarantees the anonymity of the respondents. This is one of the most important reasons for a company to have an employee survey carried out externally.

Customised topics & change management
If the focus is on certain topics which the company's employees are to be asked about, or if certain key figures are to be systematically measured and tracked within a shorter period of time as part of a quality management system (e.g. ISO certification, etc.) or the BSC, we offer customised solutions including dashboards at attractive conditions.