Media Insights

Continuous impact monitoring

Investing efficiently and effectively in promotional activities requires a systematic, long-term approach. Media insights show the medium and long-term developments in the advertising market and consequently provide an excellent basis for the sustainable optimisation of your own advertising strategy.

Tests are carried out on a population-representative basis with direct comparison to the target group and on the basis of the relevant success drivers: attention, acceptance, interest and values.

Clients have countless comparative values and optimisation approaches at their disposal thanks to the benchmark that has been developing for years.

Media Insights is particularly suitable for the following three fields of application:

  1. as a strategic assessment of the status quo BEFORE the creation of new advertising media.
  2. as a starter test. Thanks to its standardisation, Media Pathfinder is also suitable for smaller budgets and offers performance data with a benchmark comparison and value profile.
  3. as a door-opener for ad sales. The Media Pathfinder uses visual stimuli and informative data to get sales conversations started.