Radar – The Swiss Psychographics

The Swiss psychographic currency since 1974!

Traditional socio-demographic target group definitions are no longer sufficient for professional product or brand positioning. Consumer values are the key determinants of purchasing and consumption behaviour. These determine which type of marketing, which positioning and which style of address are appropriate for a given target group.

DemoSCOPE started trend research way back in 1974 under the name PKS - Psychologisches Klima der Schweiz (Psychological Climate of Switzerland), which gave rise to today's Radar Psychography. In 2007, WEMF AG für Werbemedienforschung also integrated Radar Psychography into its MACH research system.

Radar psychography is based on a calibrated psychographic test.
Each respondent comments on 26 statements without knowing what the statements are actually about. Each person's value profile can be identified based on the answer pattern. These values are decisive factors for purchasing and consumption behaviour.

Radar psychographics enable marketers to better understand their consumers.