Service Excellence

Service quality is becoming increasingly important when it comes to standing out from the competition in a positive way. After all, the competition also has similar products and good prices.

Excellent customer service is becoming increasingly important.
However, it must not be left as theory – it must be possible to measure and compare the performance of the entire customer service organisation in order to provide sound support for decisions and improvements.

The service barometer allows you to measure the quality of customer service from the customer's point of view.

The systematically conducted mystery calls and mystery emails provide objective and professionally collected information about the actual behaviour of the employees in the service centre.

  • Targeted customer service:
    Provides an assessment of the status of the service as a basis for optimisation
  • Benchmarks:
    Individual results are compared with industry results
  • Unbeatable price:
    You benefit from favourable prices thanks to standardisation
  • Ahead of the curve:
    Temporal developments, tracking of measurable corrective measures and successes

Assessment of the telephone calls/emails
The tests are recorded and assessed by a team of experts according to a standardised evaluation sheet. Among other things, the following criteria are collected:

MMystery calls:

  • Waiting period
  • Greeting
  • Specialised knowledge
  • Solution orientation
  • Farewell

Mystery emails:

  • Response time
  • Orthography
  • Expression
  • Solution orientation
  • Personalisation

You receive the results including benchmarks as a report


Service Excellence 2.0 is the evolution of service excellence. This instrument is a measurement system based on real telephone contacts and is used continuously and systematically over a longer period of time. The calls are evaluated by DemoSCOPE and flow into a dashboard for visualisation.

The Service Excellence evaluation system, which has been tried and tested over many years, provides the basis for an individual evaluation system. A fixed evaluation team from DemoSCOPE receives recorded audio files on a monthly basis. These are evaluated according to the previously defined fixed criteria matrix. Calls are evaluated continuously and flow into a dashboard for data visualisation.

The data is available for use in coaching sessions as soon as it is collected, allowing rapid action to be taken.

The dashboard makes it possible to view individual teams, select time periods or display time histories, for example. Data and charts can be exported for individual presentation or further evaluation.

Service Excellence 2.0 can help to better measure first level telephony contacts. A major strength of this tool is that real customer contacts are being continuously verified.