Who are we?

DemoSCOPE is a Swiss company for social and market research with a 60-year history as a trustworthy institution in Switzerland. Since the end of 2019, the SME's Executive Board has consisted of Dr. phil. Michael Buess (Managing Partner), Albert Amrein (Head of Production) and Stefan Klug (Head of Research and Development).

There are currently 57 permanent employees at the main location in Lucerne (Adligenswil) and at the location in Fribourg in French-speaking Switzerland who carry out and support a wide range of surveys. DemoSCOPE offers the full range of social and market research services and methods from a single source and focuses on scientifically sound, quantitative and qualitative research on challenging topics. It can always count on its academically qualified staff and their relevant research and publication experience.

A significant proportion of the clients come from the professional scientific sector. DemoSCOPE's social research team carries out various complex projects for federal offices such as the Federal Statistical Office (FSO), universities and colleges in Switzerland and abroad. The most important surveys for this are the National Consumer Price Index (CPI), the Household Budget Survey (HABE), Statistics on Income and Living Conditions (SILC) and the eCensus (the online version of the annual census). For the latter, approximately 200,000 online surveys are provided and conducted on the DemoSCOPE infrastructure. In addition, we also make profitable use of our social science skills in other ad hoc surveys for relevant non-profit organisations, interest groups, clubs and associations.

DemoSCOPE also has many years of experience in consumer research. The experienced Consumer Research department offers a complete range of market research methods and provides competent and committed support to clients from the retail trade and insurance companies, for example, on topics such as concept or product tests, brand image and customer/employee surveys.

DemoSCOPE provides a complete survey infrastructure in all projects. This ranges from the telephone survey centres at the two locations and online surveys with complex routings, customised designs, the incorporation of external tools, images, videos, personal surveys via tablets and smartphones right through to internal mailing systems.

In addition to collecting data using various methods, DemoSCOPE also sees itself as an expert in data processing and analysis. The following aspects are of relevance:

  1. Social and market research informatics: we work with powerful software that supports the entire study and survey process, directly integrates different survey methods and offers extensive design options. With the help of our experienced programmers, our online questionnaires in particular can be completed intuitively and in a user-friendly manner from almost all browsers and devices (tablet, smartphone, desktop, etc.).
  2. Data processing and analysis: the preparation, processing and analysis of large data sets as well as projections are part of the range of services. We prepare reports according to individual and customer-specific needs.
  3. Information and communication technology (ICT): our high-performance computer centre with virtual and physical servers, office IT and telephony infrastructure for handling telephone studies are state-of-the-art and are operated by our own ICT team. This ensures smooth processes and a high degree of transparency. To ensure maximum data and system security, DemoSCOPE operates its entire ICT infrastructure from an energy-efficient, ISO 27001 certified Tier Level 4 data centre in Switzerland.