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Recent Studies and Results

Special evaluation of hygiene masks in the context of the new coronavirus

With the gradual relaxation of the original measures against the spread of the new coronavirus, the corona pandemic in Switzerland is entering a new phase. In this phase, additional measures are coming into focus that are intended to prevent a further increase in the number of infections with the new coronavirus. Hygiene masks are a much discussed topic in this context.

As part of the periodic impact analysis of the campaign work by the Federal Office of Public Health (BAG, Bundesamt für Gesundheit), a special block of questions was devoted to this topic. The present report is therefore an advance from the second regular survey to measure the impact, which is devoted to a broad spectrum of questions relating to the BAG's prevention and campaigning activities. This advance based on a representative survey of the resident population makes it clear that there are differentiated and pragmatic attitudes towards the hygiene mask in Switzerland.

Study Report

Fighting Coronavirus: The population makes a big contribution

A population survey conducted by the sotomo research centre and DemoSCOPE shows that the preventive work of the Federal Office of Public Health (BAG) is having an effect. The population is familiar with the rules of conduct and hygiene and is accepted and implemented.

In the extraordinary situation of the corona pandemic, conditions are almost ideal for the authorities, at least as far as the delivery of messages is concerned. The population pays a lot of attention to the topic and is interested in receiving information; the messages on behaviour and hygiene rules are familiar to over 95 percent of the population. This leads to an exceptionally high level of information in all segments of the population. The success of prevention work is ultimately measured by behaviour. And here too it shows that a large number of people in Switzerland say that they abide by the rules of conduct. This applies to the elderly as well as younger people.

Study Report

Success factors for the impact of advertising

On 21 November 2019, the event "Success factors for the impact of advertising" took place in the 25hours Hotel West in Zurich. Together with Media Analyzer from Hamburg, many practical examples and exciting insights from advertising impact research were presented.

Increasing competitive pressure and saturated markets make it increasingly difficult to develop effective marketing measures and to optimally address and reach target groups. In Zurich it was shown how original advertising campaigns succeed, and which are also remembered. Using many examples, it was shown which mistakes can impair good campaign ideas and which simple "tricks" maximize campaign success.

The findings are based on established test procedures for measuring the impact of advertising. Using a combination of non-verbal tools and target group surveys, the reactions of consumers are determined and the impact on the target group is evaluated.

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DemoSCOPE ready for the future: Management buy-out ensures independence and stability of the group of companies

The previous owners of the DemoSCOPE group have handed the company over to three management staff. Albert Amrein, Dr. Michael Buess and Stefan Klug acquired all shares of DemoSCOPE Holding AG, Adligenswil, on 25 November 2019.

"With this management buy-out by long-standing, proven managers, continuity and long-term entrepreneurial perspectives of DemoSCOPE are secured in the long term," said Dr. Erwin Steiger, former Chairman of the Board of Directors and owner of DemoSCOPE. "We were able to implement a partnership structure of ownership. That means lasting reliability and stability for both our customers and our employees. "

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The most popular advertisers of VBZ TrafficMedia

Under this title, Verkehrsbetriebe Zürich (VBZ, the public transport operating company) published the results of a DemoSCOPE survey in a handy flyer. The basis was formed by 570 face-to-face interviews with residents of the city of Zurich and commuters, which were carried out at 15 different VBZ stops. This was used to measure recognition and the impression of selected advertising on and in VBZ vehicles, from hanging displays to full painting. .

It is not only the hanging display that is a well-known star advertiser. The other advertising media in and on trams and buses also pull their weight on their way through Zurich and the surrounding area. This is confirmed by the new advertising impact study by VBZ, which provides information on the performance of transport advertising.

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More e-government wanted

The second national e-government study shows that the demand for electronic government services is greater than the supply available from the administration. According to the representative survey conducted by DemoSCOPE with 2606 responses, a majority of the Swiss population also believes that e-voting should be available to all voters.

In addition to this sample from the resident population, 1331 companies of all sizes and 1063 administrative offices of the federal government, cantons and municipalities were also surveyed. It becomes clear that the current demand of the population and especially of companies for online public administration services is only partially covered by the existing offer. A look at individual services shows that the demand among users is high, but far from all municipalities and / or cantons offer these services online.

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